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Zapier is a global remote company that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use. Although Zapier is based in Sunnyvale, California, it employs a workforce of 250 employees located around the United States and in 23 other countries.

Zapier is frustrating, it brakes constantly which cause companies to lose quality leads, according to Danielle at

"Unfortunately Zapier Constantly Broke. Sadly, when we used Zapier it was constantly causing our company to lose quality leads. This plugin broke on us COUNTLESS times. We became so frustrated with the fact that the connection kept breaking - we got rid of it and found an alternative."

User "Asi A." writes a negative review on Zapier on the "Capterra" website on January 2, 2020:

"No Support! They have email support - live API systems depend on Email support - when you have an issue and it set in live system your stock, the email support is so slow. I always found solutions/workarounds by myself. I have tickets going for weeks with no answers. Without phone support/chat/screen sharing it impossible to explain complex issues. STAY AWAY SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!"


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Mike says

"Ive tried two different simple plugins and both failed. This company blows."

Zapier developer says

"Zapier used to be decent from a developer perspective, but they have recently dumbed down the UI so much now that when something \"fails\", it just gives you a status code with NO DETAIL ON THE ACUTAL ERROR MESSAGE! Really Zapier?? That makes debugging your system really fun and we\'re realizing we\'ve been duped into thinking they care. Zapier is a classic \"capture market share and then raise rates and reduce service\" for everyone. Their new developer and user UI makes me want to scream. Whoever designed this should be forced to actually use it."

TerrificDigital says

"I feel like the automation world has progressed so much while Zapier kept falling downhill. Their UI is super limited and dumbed down, while being the most expensive tool on the market. Take integromat for example, amazing user experience, can create incredible automations with ease, and costs a fraction of Zapier\'s basic monthly payment. Such a shame."

Florida Techie Customer says

"Long time Zapier users. Back in the day, the application used to be awesome. The problem is the corporate greed the owners have. I've probably set up a couple dozen accounts for my clients over the years. Now, it costs my clients a fortune to keep up with their new plans. Continual price increases, broken applications, updates, and terrible customer service. I also took a break from my subscription for a season. Maybe 8-9 months max when I was transitioning. Then, when I logged back in to turn it on, the price increase didn't allow me to renew at my old price. Be ready for bad customer service. They come across as a company that wants to help small businesses, but that's just not the case. It's greed! There are better options and cheaper solutions. Stay away from this company as they're going downhill fast."

TB says

"The Zapier UX is confusing and when you point out to them that it is the case, they take no responsibility. A couple examples:

- I signed up for their 14-day trial of their Team plan. The Team plan starts at $299 for 50,000 tasks. However, after I signed up, it didn't give me the tasks. When I contacted them, they said that the trial of the Team plan doesn't come with 50,000 tasks even though it says right on the pricing page that the Team plan comes with 50,000 tasks.

- I set up a task to take an action when I added a record in one system, and I also set up a task to update an item when I update it. Guess what: They system considers "adding" the same as "updating," so it ran an extra useless task every time I added an item. This caused me to run thorough all my tasks and even get charged for extras, but then not even be able to finish because it wouldn't sell me extras.

- I contacted customer support on a Friday, and no one answered me until Sunday.

After a lot of arguing, then admitted their UI was confusing, but they wouldn't issue any credit for their mistakes.

Bad UI, Bad customer support, and absolutely no accountability for their mistakes. They could credit me a few dollars for their mistake and I would be a loyal customer. Instead they basically lie and cheat you to take your money.

I never write reviews, but this experience was so bad that I went out of my way to write this review.

Ultimately, I found another automation service that worked really well and is less than half the price.

Save yourself some time and avoid this completely terrible company."

Nth Degree Fitness says

"Completely useless, all I wanted was a platform where I could post pictures from Instagram to Facebook and linkedin.

Simple enough. After days of emails going back and forth and even sending me links to do this directly it still failed. Passed from 1 person to the next ultimately to no avail.

Completely useless. I'll be trying another company."

Marc Sadoff says

"I learned that 33 days ago my credit card was billed $240 for a year of Zapier integrations services. I tried a year ago to integrate Stripe with Dropbox so that a purchaser automatically got sent an invitation to a shared Dropbox. This simple Zap could not be effected so I gave up. I did not know that there was an auto renew default and they billed me last July. I didn't see this until August and Zapier will not refund the pro-rated rest of the subscription. I will have paid a total of $480 for absolutely zero services."

Alisa Sakowitz says

"Zapier was presented as a solution to a calendaring problem by another provider. They did nothing. Provided nothing and proved entirely useless. I continually get emails from "billing" and can't be removed because I'm not a member of the group. I hope their functionality is more useful and logical to others than I found it to be but, based on experience, am very doubtful."

Jannis Thümmig says

"We just launched an app one year ago and it was active now for a lot of months and they just shut it down without any prior notice and apologized for the waste of time on both sides. Since then, they haven't replied on a single of our support requests, even tho we pay for their service.
In all of my years, I never saw a company with such a messed up service and support.
Just moved five customers already to another service provider and a lot more are going to follow."

Ben Jamin says

"NON EXISTENT SUPPORT - I've raised multiple ticket for bugs in the system, one of them for overcharging and I've never once had a response to any of them! I
I became a paying member of Zapier in the hope that support would improve. It did not!

Zapier is also an extremely expensive service once you start using it, the cost skyrockets. This is not an affordable method of automation."

Tim says

"Service is below standard, and the product is extremely FRUSTRATING.

From every angle doing anything on Zaiper is a nightmare, changing your email, setting up a Zap, Bargle Errors, connecting products.

Don't bother, pay a professional to connect via a custom API."

Matija Žiberna says

"Doesn't offer a basic Zap version history."

John Kurk says

"We have used Zapier for lots of different things. Unfortunately the more you use the more expensive per task cost becomes. Their plans are designed to screw their customers who rely more on Zapier. I've contacted support about this issue and didn't receive a single satisfactory answer. Also, Zapier has become a quite buggy platform with loads of glitches over the last year. We have been moving out all of our tasks to another platform in the last few months for this reason. It is such a shame the actual platform has a lot of potential. My advice is not to rely on it too much for your business."

Philip Hays says

"This is the worst company ever not only does their software not work

you can not speak to a Live Person only email which sucks

please do not use them Save your money !!!!!

as you will never get it Back ......"

Palle Simonsen says

"$312 per month for what?

- Lousy Documentation
- Non working integrations
- Questionable security


Now I only need to find out out how to remove myself from this thing ..."

Pedro Reis says

"I've been trying to get some responses from their support regarding a ZAP that i'm implementing between Intercom and Zendesk. Zapier support has been quite ineffective, they don't try to understand the issue (sometimes it's easier to say that it's not possible then actually try to help or solve the issue), additionally it's provided by email so you go back and forward and it's quite slow, they should create other channels like chat."

M H says

"I'm a paying customer and am trying to get an issue resolved and they simply ignore my support tickets.

While the services they offer seem to be okay having terrible support is never acceptable. I would avoid these people at all costs"

zapsu says

"Took over responsibility for Zapier in my company for a while. Took me hours and lots of coaching by a colleague just to copy one step from one zap to another. One of the most terrible and unintuitive User Interfaces I've ever seen."

PCPilot says

"Very expensive"

Warda Laknaoui says

"NO CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT AVAILABLE. Why do I have to write an Email and wait for their reply! Please provide either customer service contact number or live chat support. Thank you!"

Vincent Jongedijk says

"Zapier promises flawless integration with Shopify. This automation - however - is lousy and it is offered to clients completely untested.

After having spent many hours trying to figure out a solution myself and thinking I did something wrong, the helpdesk admitted the integration was unfinished and untested, offering to put it on their wishlist without ETA.

The helpdesk was very quick to respond, therefore a second star for response time."

Jeff Barry says

"Support is non-existent. I had found issues with Google Calendar integration > Salesforce > Teamwork Pm > between all. On the basic level, it sees the correct dates, shows them, and even with date format filters still, get the date 1 day previous. Emailed multiple times. Never got 1 response. Basically had to leave. Nothing was done. Even in my canceling service, they never contacted me even in regards to it." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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